Good Plus Evil Omen Watch

The Good + Evil Omen was lovingly conceived by Brooklyn architect Christo Logan, a Good Design Award-winning product designer. It is produced by his imagination-to-reality conversion machine called Two Parts.

Carved from a block of DLC-coated stainless steel, the mischievous mashup of circles and rectangles encloses a decidedly 3D dial that uses shadow and light to mark the hours – something not possible for electronic wrist screens.

A Swiss quartz movement provides set-it-and-forget-it accuracy and reliability. Such a device also allows for a thinness of 2.9mm on the left edge and 6.4mm on the right so that the entire gizmo effortlessly slips under cuff.

The asymmetric shape and flush crown guarantee that the Omen won’t poke the hand that bears it. Under the sapphire crystal, the only explicit brand identifier is an orange “+” that rotates with the passing seconds.

Omen Rear Black
Omen Rear Stainless